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3 Things you never knew you wanted

Excessive Style…

Three things you never new you wanted in your dream home

Multiple Kitchen Sinks and Pot filler-this may seem excessive; however, if you or your family spends a good amount of time cooking then you will understand the hassle of having to run around the kitchen for water. More specifically the pot filler is a cooks dream! For those that don’t get the hype, pot fillers allow you to fill large pots with water while its on the stove meaning you no longer have to carry super heavy and messy large pots of water back and forth!

TV/sound system in the master bathroom–this one actually is excessive (but hey, it’s your dream home!) This will definitely increase the length of your relaxing baths and showers. No more missed shows and you can truly block out all distractions, all you need to do is add some wine and candles.

A living room inside your bedroom–for some people, you may (rightly so) wonder why an entire living room inside your bedroom is necessary. This is actually ideal for parents looking to escape from their children but still have them in ears range. Sometimes you want to relax by yourself without being interrupted.