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3 Townhomes in Atlanta with community pools

ATL Townhomes

There are countless reasons why people prefer townhomes over others, here we’ll explore a couple of stand homes in Atlanta, Georgia. HINT: All of these luxury homes are under $600,000!

Whether you have children who swear that they need a pool to survive or if your just some who enjoys an occasional and accessible dip in the water without having to deal with maintenance cost, a town home with a community pool may be your best option.

Did you know?

According to ( an in-ground pool cost up to $29,000 for an average/basic pool. This does not include the yearly cost to maintain the pool which is around $1,800. If you are an infrequent pool user, HOA fees that are associated with a community pool may be more worth it than purchasing your own

Below are some timeless homes in the Atlanta area, that feature beautiful pools for their residents. This could be perfect for someone who loves the idea of having the space of a home but the communal aspect of a townhome suburb.

Towns at Druid Hills

Townsend at Perimeter

Located in Dunwoody

Skyland Brookland

Location: Dekalb/Brookhaven area