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A Brand New Home?!

Are you interested in building a new home to create memories in with your families? We’ve come up with some things to keep in mind when building a new house!

Pros & cons of building a new home

With all the things that are required to build a house it can be a very long process, sometimes years! For those of you that watch HGTV, you know of all the things that could go wrong during the process.

It is incredibly important to build in the right spot, not just because of the view or commute distance but the actual land that your building on has to be able to support a house for generations

Construction and hiring the right construction team can be the difference between spending a couple of hundreds up front verse spending thousands down the road. You do not want to be frugal with the selection of the team that will be responsible for building the house that you will live in daily

Customization is the number one reason why people decide to build a house rather than buying an existing home. You are able to have a say in literally every aspect of your home which can be overwhelming for some. Of course choosing your floors and finishes can be fun, but it can be very time consuming to have to decide on electrical decisions and thinking about the future not just the present

With everything being new, longevity is a positive aspect to building a new home. You are able to switch out features to make them more energy efficient, longer lasting or even cheaper

If you’re interested in a new home, contact one of our knowledgable agents that can walk you through the process!