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A Collector’s Home

Want to see how this collector turned their hundreds and hundreds of different items into statement pieces in the home?

This homeowner took the love of knickknacks to the EXREME!

We love the way these items are displayed! In this particular room, they decided to use the game room which give the room an pool-house/pub type of vibe. This room is so well organized that it creates a museum feel!

Most things are mounted on the wall and precisely placed, and features a theme of beers, cars and patriotism.

This owner is so enthusiastic about cars that they have their own room that mirrors a store that’s dedicated to them! Talk about one-of-a-kind!

This home is not just known for its collectibles. Look how beautiful this humongous home with it’s wrap around porch is! By looking at this traditional exterior you’d never know what treasures you’d find inside!