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Home Buying Tips

What should I look for when buying a home

Confused on this whole house hunting situation? Of course there are some obvious things you should look for (bedrooms/ bathroom sizes, condition of appliances, etc.) but here are some things you might not have thought about. Keep reading to make sure you’re prepared for this big investment!


Think about all of the things you own (and are not willing to get rid of) will this house be able to store all of those things? Or will you end up having a cluttered garage or paying monthly storage fees?

Are there HOA fees? Is it worth it?

Homeowners’ association fees can sometimes be a great thing. If important things such as pest control, water/sewer, lawn care, limited insurance, etc. are included, then these things can be looked at as money you would have already been spending in bills and is definitely worth it. Other times HOA fees will include things that some people are indifferent about such as community pool maintenance and other community amenities.


Usually people try to find something close to work. As a tip, make sure you are aware of the commute time, not just at the time you visit the house but also at peak rush hours (school time, work time, lunch time, etc.)

Does it fit your current lifestyle? Are you willing to change?

If you are one who loves to entertain, you may have more to think about when purchasing a home. Is there enough parking for your guest? Do you need a powder room? Is there enough space to entertain?

If peace and quiet is important to you, you should consider the location of your home. Are your neighbors loud? Are you on a busy street? This is somewhere that (hopefully) you’ll be for a longgg time, don’t let it be a decision you regret!