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Luxury Bathroom Upgrades

If you’re in the market for a luxury bathroom, there is a common understanding that it must be large and lavish…

Here are some things to make your luxury bathroom stand out!

  • Heated floors or a fireplace- imagine how much that comes in handy in the winter time or even right after a shower
  • Depending on your taste, some people like to incorporate their closets into their bathrooms, and create one big room. Efficient and effective!
  • Steam room/ sauna- Not only does this have health benefits, it also allows you to have your own spa in your house!
  • Smart mirror/ tv- If you’re the type that can’t miss a show, or maybe you just want to take a long bath and need some entertainment, installing smart mirrors or having a steam resistant TV in your bathroom is a great investment!
  • Waterproof built in bluetooth music- Shower concerts just got 10 times better! If you have built in speakers throughout your house, don’t forget to add them in your bathroom too! This might elongate your shower time but it’s worth it!
  • Automated everything!- There are tubs that have controlled water temperature, toilets that open and flush themselves and hands free faucets. Why not make everyday tasks as easy as possible!?