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Moving to Atlanta?

Here are some tips on moving to a new place that you’ve never been before!


We always hear how important location is when it comes to buying or renting for a long period of time, but no one ever offers advice on how to find the right location! Some areas may look fine on the outside but living there is a completely different experience.

One way to decipher is to use Trulia. It shows how safe the area is along with all of the accounts of crime.

It is recommended that you ask a native of the area to see how it is living there and how the area has developed over time.

Sometimes getting a hotel or even better, an Airbnb in the area of interest is the best option. Staying there for a couple of days will give you more insight on the day to day life there.

Taking a drive to and from destinations that you go to often (work, school, grocery store etc.) during peak times such as morning, lunch and rush hour will give you a better understanding of how your commute will actually be (especially in Atlanta)