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Should You Buy a Historic Home?

Historic homes have taken a rise in interest over the recent years. We’ve decide to dive in and talk about some of the pros and cons that come with purchasing these older homes

Starting with the pros, of course the main feature that draws everyone to historic homes is how charming they are!

Historic homes have a 0ne-of-a-kind feel to them and they feel more cozy and homey than newer homes. This is obviously because someone has already lived there so it is customized for that family. This can be an amazing thing if you and the previous owner have similar taste and needs

One positive thing is that they are usually cheaper than others

Older homes are usually known to have original hardwood floors. In addition to that, older homes are built for longevity rather than trend. Most of these homes have features in them that lasts for generations. This could lead to some cons as well

With the house being built more than 10 years ago, it will lack all the luxuries of a newer home. This means you will have to spend extra money for amenities like rain showers, pot fillers, efficient windows or even heating and cooling systems

With that being said, the house is likely to not be move in ready. Like any home, inspections will be needed for any leaks or other flaws.

For historic homes especially, they were built with different requirements than today. Many people find issues with aspestos, lead paint and foundation. These problems can become costly and lengthen the wait time before the house is ready.

Finding same materials for renovations can be difficult and sometimes impossible.

If you think a historic home is for you, contact one of our knowledgable agents for more insight and information!