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Small details to make any home luxurious

Before you start planning your luxury home and including things in there from the previous blog “Must haves in every extraordinary luxury home” don’t forget to add some of these finer details.

Bluetooth color changing/ LED lights- these can come in many different colors, or if you only want the white/neutral color that is also an option. Bluetooth lights can set the mood and vibes for many different occasions or even just to match your everyday aesthetic.

Smart lock- with this, you are able to unlock or lock the door to your house with your phone which can come in handy in countless situations where you lose your actual key

Heated floors- for those that are cold natured or even just for those bitter winter days, this one is pure luxury and comfort. No one likes the feeling of getting out of bed in the morning and stepping on cold hardwood floors

Built in speakers- if you are music lover, built in speakers are perfect! They allow you to move through different rooms of the house and enjoy the same music with surround sound quality!

Video doorbell- there are so many different options for this well needed security system, most are connected to your phone so you will be able to see what’s going on while you’re away. This can be helpful for not only break-ins but also watching over kids, pets, etc.

Wine & Alcohol dispenser- this one is pretty much self explaining, especially is you entertain at your house often

Remote control activated blinds- although this isn’t exactly necessary, it is cool and quite helpful to those who rather lay in their comfortable bed and close the blinds with a remote than getting up and doing it. Also these blinds look way more seamless and modern than traditional blinds.