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Turn your Favorite Brands into a Lifestyle

Love Fendi?

Why not make Fendi a part of your home décor? Fendi has been making extraordinary designs for clothing and accessories since 1987. Now, Fendi uses its expertise design skills to bring the runway into your living room. Fendi Casa furniture collection offers a wide array of style from modern to classic. Fendi is including their core values into the furniture world which is “A voyage between artisan traditions and innovation.”

I woke up in a new Bugatti!

I woke in a new Bugatti bed. Bugatti and Luxury Living have collaborated to create an exclusive furniture collection called Bugatti home. Bugatti home collection is the definition of modern chic. The collection is Italian and French influenced with a touch of technological concepts which is one of Bugatti’s core values. Bugatti furniture is exhibited in museums around the world. Turn your home into a work of art with the Bugatti home collection.

Eat, Sleep, and live in Bentley

Bentley’s belief in being nothing short of excellent along with its uncompromising luxury has created a one of kind furniture collection. Bentley home collection is the epitome of urban sophistication. The collection was inspired by a penthouse with a majestic view of London. Created with the highest quality materials and innovation the collection will be sure to make your home classic urban chic.

Make the Ritz Carlton Paris your home!

A high acclaimed interior designer Frenchmen Cyril Vergnol collaborated with Luxury Living Group to create a Ritz Carlton furniture collection. The collection was inspired by the lavish and superior lifestyle of Ritz Carlton Hotels. The furniture will capture the timeless, elegant, and modern eclecticism that the hotel embodies. Make your stay at the Ritz Carlton endless by obtaining the furniture collection.

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