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When to Save and Splurge | Living Room

Stop looking in the “Dream home, luxury tab of Pinterest…

When it comes to decorating a home and filling it with furniture, you’ll soon start to ask yourself a couple of questions. Do I need an ottoman and a sectional? Is hand-me-down furniture really that bad? Why are rugs so expensive?!

As a first bit of advice, stop looking in the “Dream home, luxury tab of Pinterest “ unless your design budget is healthy, because that super cute modern couch you love can isn’t nearly as cute when you see that it’s $3,000.

So here are some tips on decorating when you have ZGallerie taste and a Target budget.

Couch- A nice couch can elevate the entire room and is something that you will use often so it should be quite durable. You don’t want to be frugal here and have to spend hundreds later on down the road.

Coffee Table- You can find unique (and cheap) coffee tables from many different places such as, etc. The best way to make it stand out is to use small trinkets that you either thrift or find on sale. Below are other areas to save or splurge.


  • Large Paintings
  • Fake Plants
  • Pillows & Throws


  • Couch
  • TV/Mount
  • Rugs

Key: Anything that you plan on using often that may suffer from wear and tear should be looked at as an investment to be used long term. Anything that is décor or fashion can change with time and should be looked at as a trend.