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Why won’t my house sell??

Things to think about when you’re having trouble selling your house

To you, your house may be the most immaculate thing you’ve ever laid eyes on. When you originally bought it, it was everything you could ever hope for in a starter home, but now it’s time to sell it and for some reason, buyers don’t feel the same way. You’ll get a couple of offers but none of them seem to end in a sale. We’ve come up with a list of things to keep in mind when it comes to selling your home if you’re having trouble.

Location (but in depth)

Yes location matters for obvious reasons, some people don’t want to be in a neighborhood or the city etc. However, location goes deeper than the city and the views.

Is you home close to a railroad or fire-station? (You can imagine why it would be undesirable)

Are there enough street lights for people to feel safe

Is your home located on a busy street? If there is busy rush hour traffic by your home, people are less likely to buy. Even if it’s close to popular attractions, people come home to relax, not to hear horns beeping while preparing dinner.

Other homes

Most people base the homes worth on the community that it is in. Even if your neighbor is retired and super sweet, if there home isn’t well kept buyers will think the worst.


When it comes to price, if you are listed over the other homes in the area with the same square footage and room numbers, it will definitely turn buyers away.

Rooms & Square Footage

Speaking of room numbers, certain homes are more likely to sell than others. Of course this is based on the buyer but it is very unlikely that an older 3 Bed 1 Bath home will sell when there are multiple 2 bed 2 bath or 3 bed 2 bath homes in the area.

Hope these tips help you in your selling (or buying)!