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Why won’t my house sell??

Things to think about when you’re having trouble selling your house To you, your house may be the most immaculate thing you’ve ever laid eyes o

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More Moutain Brook Mansions!

As mentioned in a previous post the Mountain Brook community is very close to downtown (around 10-15 minutes). The drive their is full of beautiful ho

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We have a new location!

Grand Opening in Birmingham Norman & Associates, Inc. has officially opened in Birmingham, Alabama! This event was celebrated at the trendy loft

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Spruce up your empty home!

A couple of ways to spruce up your empty home If your moving into an older house and it feels a little dark and gloomy, or if your just in the move f

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City Views in Fulton County

Most people move to Atlanta for the job opportunities, the exciting nightlife and the delicious southern cuisine. Get the most out of your city by mov

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